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My immune system fails me several times every winter. It seems that if anyone in a kilometer radius around me gets a sniffle, I have a full on four-tissue-box cold. These weeks, I don’t want peppy girls in tight black dresses asking if I want a drink with that- I want to be left alone, and soup.

Which lead us to Ravi Soups on Adelaide.
A brought me here to quelch my mid-flu complaints.

We came in on a chilly Sunday night (yes, open SUNDAY), maybe 40 minutes before they closed. The store was empty, but for the two of us, it was perfect. The chalkboard menu overhead sported a small selection of soup and wraps (there was a combo option too)- but through the sniffling, I was tunnel visioned on “Porcini Mushroom with Wild Rice Bisque”.

photo (9)

There was nothing remarkable about the guy who served us: efficient, smiled, and no extra words- which was great, as I was too hazy minded to react anyway. We found a seat at a the communal table in the back, and they brought the soup to us on a lazy susan. I could image this place being a trendy joint to meet your friends for lunch, or even a quiet place for a mellow date.
I was happily surprised to find a cheese pastry on the side of my massive portion of soup – it wasn’t advertised, but still, I’m a sucker for signature touches.

The cheese scone/biscuit/pastry thingy was huge, fluffy and buttery and delicious. Even with my lack of appetite, I managed to snarf down half of it.
The whole point of the outing: the soup, was phenomenal! Topped with a drizzle of truffle oil and fried shallots, this bisque was hot and smooth, with lots and lots of mushrooms. It had a nice woodsy aroma, typical of a mushroom soup, however, there was also a nice weight to it. The rice wasn’t mushy, but rather added a nice texture to the soup. The heaviness on my tongue made me feel warm inside, and as I slurped it up, my cold melted into the background.

I would consider the soup a touch expensive, at $8.99 +tax, but considering the huge portion (I would guess it to be close to 3 cups) and the cheesy biscuit, and the fact that nothing beats hot soup on a Onterrible day (especially, when you don’t have to make it yourself), it’s so worth it.

Ravi’s porcini mushroom with wild rice bisque is the new chicken noodle soup.

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