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My PATH to DeKefir

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This one, like all my posts, is far over due.

I have the horrible habit of getting the food, snapping the photo, taking notes, then procrastinate actually blogging it.
I admit, I did exactly that to deKefir. At least 14 times, or so our bank statements say- if I lived in Toronto more months of the year, that would definitely be more.

deKefir is hidden in Toronto’s banker’s bunker. The PATH, a mall-maze more complex than the Legend of Zelda, will eventually lead you to an enclave under 333 Bay St., where you can find frozen happiness in a cup.  A brought me here for the first time back in August 2012, and now it’s the first, last, and several-times-in-between stop on my Toronto trips.

Amidst white gleaming walls, and grown-ups in suits, this simple shop has based their entire business on one product. Kefir is yogurt, but not quite. It’s milk with kefir bacteria which contains (according to their website) “a wider range of bacteria and yeast that are friendly to your stomach”.

Sure. Let’s justify how often I’m here by saying it’s healthy.

deKefir dishes up their frozen kefir in graduating sleek and simple white cups. There’s only one flavour. Then, you choose toppings from a selection of fresh fruit, nuts, colour candies, even bran, and ‘crackle bits’. The fruit changes seasonally- I’ve seen strawberries, pomegranates, melon, even dragon fruit!- but the crackle bits are their little secret. I speculate that it’s some combination of pie crust and crackers, but they won’t tell me- all a part of the allure, I guess. But I will tell you this: I’ve gotten the crackle every time. 

Imagine the best frozen yogurt you’ve ever had, but lighter, tangy, a touch sour, while still being creamy, yet refreshing. This stuff dances on your tounge, covers your palate, takes you to a happy place far away from your lifeless grey cubicle.


They serve buttermilk waffles, and kefir parfaits as well. I’ll write about it if I can ever rip myself away from my usual “small with crackle bits”.

Based on the frozen kefir alone, I love this place. If this place were a person, she’d be a 10.

Be warned: No matter the size, don’t try to share- it’ll turn into a spoon joust.

deKEFIR on Urbanspoon


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