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Eggspectations of Toronto

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As the colours of fall dawn upon us, we shed our summer skins and iced mochas for the warm comfort of autumn themed lattes- which brings me here, to a Starbucks in Toronto, nursing my coffee and mooching free wi-fi. A and I had been anticipating that I’d move here, but for now, this explorer will spend the next few weeks eating and adventuring what may become our new city.

I arrived a week early as a surprise, which doesn’t make a difference in reality, as A has no time to spend anyhow. His schedule leaves me with time to lazily meander through the streets of Toronto, tucking into the food and culture of this metropolis as I go.

However, on Saturday morning off, A lead the way to Eggspectations in the downtown core. This location, across from a giant mall, is a part of the chain of brunch serving, egg-punning, tourist-attracting restaurants.

With a menu longer than an undergrad-level reading, my indecisiveness eventually lead me to my default brunch item (Eggs Benedict), featured with a twist. The Breton Benedict is advertised as two poached eggs served atop two crepes, with ham (substituted Spinach for vegetarian-me) and Gruyere cheese and classic hollandaise sauce.


(Pictured above: Breton Benedict, post poking)

Two perfectly poached eggs burst forth with sunny yolks at a bit of gentle prodding. The hollandaise sauce provided a creamy, yet zesty gravy for two well-cooked crepes. The crepes were good and slightly sweet, and delicate, but not amazing, The crepes aren’t worth going out of your way for, but as the base for this eggs benedict they served well.
Spinach on the Benton Benedict was a “close-enough” substitute, but I can see how a thinly sliced, slightly sweet ham would have better complimented this dish. The Gruyere didn’t add to, nor detract from the over all appeal, however, I have the sneaking suspicion that the mild cheese would have complimented a salty-sweet ham very well. Overall, the Benton Benedict was satisfying, comfort food for brunch.


(Pictured above: Florentine Benedict)
A was a little more resolute with his menu choice of the Florentine Benedict: two eggs poached with spinach, Gruyere cheese with classic hollandaise sauce.
Essentially, he and I got the same toppings on different carb bases.
A liked the hollandaise sauce and he commented that his meal was good- again, simply good.

Both meals were served with “grilled potatoes”, that frankly seemed deep-fried to me, and two brunch-essential slices of seasonal fruit. The overall experience was better than I had expected, considering the potential for this particular Eggspectation to be a tourist trap.

If I were to meet a diverse group on a weekend morning, or not in the mood to venture the unknowns of brunch, I’d come definitely come back to Eggspectations, as it really is very good.

The problem with very good, however, is that there can be better. So if you’re looking simple satisfaction, but not amazing, nor extraordinary, this Eggspectation is just that- very good.

Eggspectation Resto-Cafe-Bar on Urbanspoon


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