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Brunch at Pan Chancho

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In our last days in Kingston, A and I still had several restaurants to cross off our list.
We had already been to Pan Chancho to a few times. The sweet smell of baked goods wafting out onto Princess Street is enough to make any student smile.
Be warned however, that they bake all goodies fresh in the morning, and by getting there in the late afternoon, you risk a) slightly stale pastry and/or b) total disappointment when the shelves and quaint baskets are totally empty.

Back to the point: Brunch.

I’d been vying to try brunch at Pan Chancho for a while since hearing about it, but our brunch date had to be postponed as a result of group meetings and projects. Now that class was finally over, we finally had the opportunity to venture deep downtown for an unforgettable brunch.

With the dog in tow, A and I seated ourselves on the patio and were promptly met by a pleasant girl who offered us menus and a bowl of water for the dog.

Their brunch menu consists of eclectic and traditional brunch items including sweet potato hash, homemade granola and fruit salad with yogurt.

We each started with fresh squeezed orange juice.
A ordered French Toast with Apple Butter Creme Fraiche while I got the Three Egg Torta with Asparagus and Paillot de Chevre.

There’s very little to be said about the ambiance of the patio. A lot of little touches, such a table clothes, or matching chairs, could have really spiffed things up, however, it was clean, which is what really matters considering it’s a patio, I suppose.
Inside the cafe was homey and pretty, sort of how a cartoon grandmother’s house would look like in real life- that is if grandma had a cafe…

The orange juice amazing. Understand though, that the orange juice may have been pretty standard for fresh squeezed, but the student standard of orange juice comes frozen and requires assembly. Conclusion, the orange juice was delicious.

A’s French Toast with Apple Butter Creme Fraiche was warm and fluffy and amazing. The Creme Fraiche was wonderfully cinnamon flavoured. I’m a huge fan of french toast over all, but this was over the top. Though it came with warm maple syrup, it wasn’t necessary but a nice touch.

The three egg torta with asparagus and paillot de chevre was a tiny bit undercooked, but I rather that then overcooked and rubbery. Beautiful robust flavours of the zucchini and red pepper balanced the deep creamy cheese. Also absolutely fantastic.
The dish was served with roasted potatoes- nothing amazing, besides, I was distracted by my torta.

Overall, the food was perfect for a lazy weekend brunch. If I’m ever in Kingston again, you’ll likely find me in the cafe, trying something new off the Pan Chancho menu.

Should you find yourself in the neighbourhood, I would definitely recommend a stop in at this wonderful bakery and cafe.

Pan Chancho Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon


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